Probate & Estate Settlement

Probate & Estate Settlement

Estate Settlement may include probate, administering a trust, or other alternative procedures. The process necessary often depends upon each estate and the assets, heirs, circumstances, whether an estate plan was prepared, and any conflict between the individuals involved.

What is Probate?

Probate is simply a court-supervised legal process for transferring legal ownership of property to the proper heirs when an owner dies. Probate ensures that the decease person’s heirs are located and property is distributed after any outstanding debts are satisfied. This process can protect the heirs and estate from unknown liabilities.

Washington State allows for one of the simplest and cost-effective probate procedures in the nation.

Whether a will was left or not, Puget Sound Law pllc can help family members with the legal steps required to effectively manage the estate and any trusts and to ensure that a fair and proper transfer of assets is made after the death of a family member or loved one.  The process is often handled more efficiently and economically with the assistance of an experienced attorney from the beginning.  Puget Sound Law pllc can help you with starting  a probate and estate administration off on the right foot, or if you have found yourself stuck somewhere in the middle, help with settling and closing an estate, handling and avoiding any inheritance disputes, carrying out the terms of a trust, appointing a guardian for an under age or incapacitated heir, and fulfilling the last wishes of your family member or loved one.

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