Estate Planning

Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning often involves preparing a client’s Last Will and Testament.

However, a proper estate plan can and should do much more.

The estate planning services offered can assist clients with the following: handling financial affairs and manage assets during an incapacity with a durable power of attorney ensuring that health care wishes are known and carried out with health care directives and health care power of attorneys ensuring that upon death, assets are preserved for future generations and are given to the intended heirs and beneficiaries providing for the care of minor children by appointing guardians protecting inheritances of minors by creating trusts Without a proper estate plan, surviving family members and heirs may encounter difficulties or unwanted surprises when handling an estate.

Prospective clients may review the following worksheet as a starting point to begin considering their estate plan:
For Single Individuals
Worksheet by Single

For Couples
Worksheet by Couple

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